Sunshine blogging and Shine on Blog Award

Hi girl! This post is in English because I’d like to answer to Patricia and Asia, because they gave me two awards: Thank you!

sunshine-blogging-award1) What is the default song you put on when you want to listen to something but don’t feel like choosing? I put on Ac/Dc.
2) What do you do when you’re uncomfortable in a social situation? The best thing you can do when you’re in a place that is not yours is smile!
3) What subtly obnoxious behavior bothers you most in others? I don’t like hypocrisy.
4) What article of clothing do you own that you know is stupid but you really like anyway? I know I have something stupid, but I can’t remember right now!
5) Do you like typing better or hand writing, and why? I prefer typing, but sometimes hand writing is sweeter and better.
6) Are you weighed down by your possessions or comforted by them? Conforted.
7) What writer would you like to believe writes in the style that you think in? Don’t know.
8) Have you ever written a letter to someone and never given it to them? I’ve done it.
9) What movie influenced you most, and was that influence psychological, aesthetic, or both? I think there’s not a movie that influenced me…or maybe Sex and the City did it! I love tv-series and when I started to see it, I started falling in love with shoes!

And now 7 things about myself:
shine-on– I’m translating my curriculm in English in this moment, because I’d like to go abroad working.
– This summer I’m quite sure I’ll not go on holiday because I’ve to write my thesis.
– I think I’ll go only a couple of day in Munich, because one of my friend is working there in this moment.
– I hope to graduate in October.
– I’m using windows xp on my laptop, windows7 and linux on my netbook, iOS on my iPad, Android on my mobile, BlackBerryOs on the other mobile…a lot of operative systems!
– When I was young I tried a lot of sports, but now I don’t play anything.
– I would have gone to Kiss concert in Milan this week, but it was too expansive.

Thank you again Patricia and Asia!

♥♦ Baci ♣♠



  1. Molto interessante venire qua e leggere un post in inglese =) Brava! E secondo m,e non hai niente di stupido nella tua guardaroba, almeno niente che ti piacesse anche 😛 A proposito di Blackberry, anche il mio si è arreso – si è spostato “la cosa” (non ho idea come si chiama in italiano, in estone lo chiamiamo il nido..:P) per ricaricarlo e non riesco più a caricarlo 😦 Quanti buoni dolcetti a Monaco! Ci andrei solo per quello! 😀


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